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  Hosting -> Virtual Private Server (VPS)
A virtual private server (VPS) is an excellent lost cost alternative to the dedicated or co-location server. WebTent can provide any platform you need to run the applications your business requires.
  • Choose from the operating system of your choice: Windows Server
  • All Virtual Private Servers are installed on RAID10 hard disk arrays
  • Solid-State Disk (SSD) storage
  • Subscribe to the amount of disk space and memory you require, which can be easily upgraded without hardware considerations
  • WebTent supports BlueOnyxBlueOnyx on CentOS 5, a great solution for companies who need multiple web sites. BlueOnyx comes with all the web services necessary for hosting domains pre-installed, including email, ftp, php/mysql or JSP and domain name services (DNS).
  • Optional managed services include:
    • Firewall protection
    • Spam/virus filtering
    • System updates
    • Off-network monitoring 24x7x365 of all web services provided by VPS with email alerts
    • Priority Access Support
Disk space Memory Price per month Managed
10GB 256MB $27.99 $49.99
20GB 512MB $49.99 $74.99
40GB 1GB $89.99 $129.99
80GB 2GB $149.99 $189.99
160GB 4GB $249.99 $299.99
320GB 8GB $449.99 $499.99
Prices do not include software licensing

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